“I have Appointed You a Watchman for the House of Israel”

According to Ezekiel 33:1-9, God has called faithful watchmen to blow the trumpet when trouble is coming. I dare say there are very few who don’t recognize trouble is coming in our nation and in our world.

Interestingly, that admonition to be a watchman was written by the same prophet, and only shortly before his most recognizable prophecy regarding an invasion of Israel! That prophet was Ezekiel.

This morning, we alluded to Ezekiel 38-39, that prophet’s warning of the soon-coming attack from the north of Israel. Ezekiel 38 names names and, if you study the Biblical names of Rosh, Persia and Beth-Togarmah, you come up with Russia, Iran and Turkey…all of whom press on Israel’s northern border even today.

But verse 13 describes nations who will stand back and ask questions. They will not participate in the attack, and seemingly side with Israel (though they don’t fight for her). Among those nations are Sheba and Dedan…today’s Arabian peninsula.

Friends, the stage is definitely being set for an all out offensive from the northern coalition. It is time for believers to sound the trumpet…to signal the warning…to be faithful watchmen!

What does that look like? I recently watched a very appropriate message answering that question, taught by Pastor Mike Golay of Behold Israel. Take the time to find out how to be a watchman, then become one, if you’re not already! Many blessings, my friends!

Be a watchman!

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