Some are for Peace, Some are for War

Israel, UAE and Bahrain sign US-brokered normalisation deals | Israel News  | Al Jazeera

Today marked a very significant moment in Mid East history. For the very first time, Israel signed peace agreements with Arab nations without having to give up a single inch of land! (Other Arab nations are expected to follow.) Foreign Ministers from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain made their way to Washington DC to sign peace deals with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. President Trump, whose administration brokered the deal, presided over the signing ceremony.

It was a regal scene on the South Lawn of the White House as each man, representing his country, sat together in front of the flags of each nation to ink signatures on the historic documents.

Meanwhile, as the signing ceremony was taking place, the Palestinians launched at least 13 rockets toward Israel, injuring two people. In response, the IDF carried out airstrikes on 10 Hamas targets, including weapons and explosive manufacturing facilities.

2 Israelis injured by rocket fire in Ashdod as peace deals signed 
The Iron Dome intercepts Gaza rockets (Photo credit: Reuters/Amir Cohen)

I am reminded of the Psalmist’s words in Psalm 120:7:

I am for peace, but when I speak,
They are for war.

After years of holding the Arab world hostage to “Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks,” the Palestinians are seeing the house of cards collapse. Not only have they lost the backing of much of the world, but Arab nations are fed up with Palestinian habits of taking all they can get (billions of dollars) without moving toward peace or stability for their people. Moderate Sunni Arab nations are fed up, and are finding that peace with Israel is preferred over coddling the Palestinian cause.

Make no mistake: there will never be a Palestinian state within the borders of Israel. First and foremost, the Bible clearly states that Israel will not be uprooted again. Secondly, the Palestinians have said “absolutely not” to deals much more lucrative than this one. There is no way they will commit to the things the Trump plan requires in order to have peace with Israel:

  • Recognition of Israel as a sovereign state
  • Give up demand for Palestinian capital in Jerusalem
  • Demilitarize Gaza
  • Disarm Hamas
  • Give up the right of return
  • Stop payments to terrorists’ families

So, while Israel speaks peace with Arab neighbors, the Palestinians pursue war…just as the psalmist lamented.

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