Foxes Guarding the Hen House!

After the devastating explosions in Beirut Monday night, guess who immediately showed up to conduct a “health services investigation?” You got it: Hezbollah! Oh yes…the fox guarding the hen house!

Check out this report, posted on Behold Israel:

Hezbollah Members Spotted at Beirut Port

The Lebanese people seem to be making an attempt to “put their foot down” regarding Hezbollah’s presence in Lebanon. Certainly we should support them in prayer as they seek stability and security in their country.

Moreover, we should pray for an awakening, so they might come to saving faith in the only One who can provide stability and security. The Bible is clear that there will come a day when that entire region will be in utter chaos and turmoil, and that day is approaching. With Lebanon and Syria, in effect, no longer viable nations, the pathway is made ready for the northern invasion, prophesied by Ezekiel in chapters 38-39 of the book that bears his name.

Believers, are you feeling an increased need to shift focus from worldly ambitions and comforts to more eternal things? I am. While I certainly want the Lebanese people to gain some semblance of peace in their horrible circumstances, I’m growing more and more burdened for the souls of those who may spend eternity in a place far more horrible than the worst earthly catastrophe.

Understanding Bible prophecy helps us be alert to the eternal, and motivates us to be about our Father’s business. I hope you are encouraged likewise. We may or may not be able to tangibly “reach out” to hurting Lebanese people, but we can most assuredly pray for them. Let’s do that!

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