Happenings in Lebanon

Hi friends! Just a quick note on things happening in Lebanon (and elsewhere).

First, Hezbollah showed up immediately on the scene of the explosion under the guise of doing health inspections. However, reports are coming out that they are actually cleaning up the site prior to official investigations. This obviously makes things even more suspicious.

Secondly, Lebanese people have apparently taken to the streets shouting for Iran (who backs and supports Hezbollah) to leave their country. They see the damage Iran has caused and are now asking to go back under the French mandate.

Thirdly, French President Emmanuel Macron showed up in Beirut for a meeting with the Lebanese government. It will be interesting to see how France responds to this crisis.

On a totally separate front, Turkish President Erdogan, who has been meddling in Libya, is in dire straights as well. The Turkish Lira dropped to a new low yesterday, and the Turkish economy seems to be on the brink of collapse.

Also on another note, many insiders and scholars believe the largest stash of weapons of mass destruction in the world lies in facilities in Damascus. They indicate the sheer number and power of them would make the Beirut blast seem like only a small explosion. Can you imagine what is possible when those weapons fall into the wrong hands?

All of these things (and more) point to greater and greater instability in the Middle East…just as the Bible indicates will happen in the last days. Indeed, Damascus will one day cease to exist (Isaiah 17:1), and a coalition anchored by Russia, Iran and Turkey will soon invade Israel (Ezekiel 38-39).

The pieces are falling into place!

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