Israel’s Blue Line and Hezbollah

Israeli-Lebanese border

Last November, I hosted a tour group to Israel, and one of the highlights was a visit to an IDF outpost situated on the “Blue Line,” dividing Israel and Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon. The photo above is from that tour, and clearly seen is a wall separating Lebanon (on the left) from Israel (on the right).

IDF says Hezbollah still on border illegally, posing as ...

In the valley on the Israeli side, you see orchards and agricultural fields, with Metula tucked into the hillside in the center of the photo. Metula is surrounded on three sides by Lebanon. (For perspective, see the map at left.)

Now that you have “lay of the land,” I want to further introduce you to Israel’s “Blue Line.” Here is how IDF spokesman, LTC Jonathan Conricus, describes it:

Now, let’s connect the dots. Lebanon (particularly southern Lebanon) is fully controlled by the terrorist group, Hezbollah, backed by Iran who supplies missiles and rockets.

It is certainly nothing new, but Hezbollah’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, who is arguably the most powerful Arab leader in the immediate region surrounding Israel, uttered new threats against the Jewish state yesterday. Threatening a “great war” and “the end of Israel” if they take action, Nasrallah warned of improved military capability and boasted that an air strike on Lebanon “will not pass without a response.” (Jerusalem Post, 5/27/2020)

Given that, one would think tension could be cut with a knife at Misgav Am, that IDF outpost that welcomed us. But just the opposite is true! It was one of the calmest, most peaceful places I’ve ever been. When there, it is clear that Israel has military superiority in the region. Despite rockets bunkered all over the border region with Israel, every move Hezbollah makes is known by Israeli intelligence, leaving Hezbollah either pinned down or bugged out!

Misgav Am is a little known treasure that very few tour groups visit. However, it is a “must see” on tours I lead! Ready to see it? Keep an eye out because information for our February 2021 Israel tour will be posted very soon, and you’ll hear about it here! Shalom!

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