Really? Nazi Symbolism and Ideology to Protest Governmental Decisions? O, How We Need Prayer!

I am in total agreement with the point Amir Tsarfati makes here. It is despicable that people on either end of the political spectrum would stoop low enough to buy into Hitler’s Nazi propaganda. It’s a slippery slope that leads us into dangerous territory. Though we may disagree, and disagree strongly, I don’t believe it pleases the Lord when we choose to demonstrate like this:

Christian friends, may I ask an important question? Are we praying for our leaders? Are we praying for our country? Are we offering up prayers of repentance on behalf of our nation? The prophet Daniel left us a fantastic example in Daniel 9.

Check out verse 2. Daniel knew what God had spoken to the prophet Jeremiah, and he knew God was about to bring the “desolations of Jerusalem” to an end. The Jewish people had spent almost 70 years in captivity, and Daniel knew the time was drawing near when God was going to move on behalf of the Jewish people. But Daniel also knew the state of his people, and it wasn’t good. God planned to do something good, but the people were not ready.

So, Daniel prayed.

The outcome was that God revealed to Daniel the exact timing of the appearance of the Messiah (which was fulfilled to the exact day when Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday), as well as the prophecy concerning the tribulation. Indeed, God moved on behalf of His people, but they eventually missed the coming of the Messiah.

My question to you, dear Christian friends, is this: knowing the state of our nation and the mighty plan God has for His people today (the soon-coming rapture), will we respond as Daniel did?

I’m not going to tell you how he prayed or what he prayed, because I want you to dig into Daniel 9 for yourself. God is calling every one of us to action, and the time is now. Some of us are “too busy” or just plain uninterested in learning from Daniel’s experience. Some of us follow Daniel’s lead.

I’m digging into Daniel 9 today and I’m going to follow Daniel’s example by making today a day of prayer. Will you join me? If so, please comment below or click the “Like” button. I don’t typically ask for this because counting “Likes” is not my thing. I simply want to see as many “Daniel’s” as possible gather in the throne room of our mighty God to pray for our people, as Daniel prayed for his. (Even if you are reading this days, weeks or months later, join in. God is not bound by time!)

Be a Daniel!

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