Israel Goes on the Offensive against Iranian Positions in Syria

Croatia to acquire Israeli F-16 jets

It is unusual for Israeli Air Force fighter jets to strike in broad daylight, yet that is what occurred this morning when war planes launched a successful strike on an Iranian-backed Hezbollah munitions base near Homs, Syria. Why in daylight? I don’t know, but my guess is there were immediate plans or actions taking place that Israel wanted to shut down immediately, or they were making a statement to Iran that even cover of daylight will not protect them from Israel’s determination to prevent them from setting up shop on Israeli borders.

This comes just days after Israeli Defense Minister, Naftali Bennett, warned:

“We have moved from blocking Iran’s entrenchment in Syria to forcing it out of there, and we will not stop. We will not allow more strategic threats to grow just across our borders without taking action. We will continue to take the fight to the enemy’s territory.”

~World Israel News, 4/28/2020

There have been at least five Israeli strikes on Iranian positions in Syria over the past two weeks. Meanwhile, Germany just declared Hezbollah a terrorist group and is tightening their ability to operate in that part of Europe. Tensions are rising.

While the world focuses on the C-19 crisis, Iran continues its quest to encroach upon Israel’s border. Given that, and attacks in and around Damascus, it certainly draws attention to Isaiah’s prophecy regarding the destruction of Damascus (Isaiah 17:1) and Ezekiel’s prophecy regarding the northern invasion (Ezekiel 38-39).

Keep your eyes open, and keep looking up. Our redemption draws near!

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