A Jewish Girl “Experienced God in a Profound Way”

Happy Lord’s Day!

Aren’t you glad that each week includes a day to remind us of “the day” when Jesus rose from the grave for our sins? Have you ever stopped to consider that is exactly what Sunday is all about?

As we celebrate His victory over death, I am reminded that everyone of us who know Jesus the Messiah as our Savior is also victorious over sin and death. Not because we deserve it or can earn it, but because His victory extends over us! That’s worth celebrating!

Jews and Gentiles meet the Messiah in the same way: by admitting we are sinners, believing Jesus died to save us from the penalty of sin (death), and confessing Jesus as Lord and Savior of our lives. I love it when I hear of Jews coming to meet their Messiah! After all, Jesus was Jewish and came to them first (Romans 1:16), and declared that salvation is of (and from) the Jews (John 4:22)! What a gift they have shared with us Gentiles!

Here is the testimony of a Jewish girl who encountered God in a profound way! Enjoy…and rejoice!

6 thoughts on “A Jewish Girl “Experienced God in a Profound Way”

  1. Isn’t interesting how all these heavenly travellers when sharing their experiences contradict each other. The same with the hell travellers. Praise God His Word is Truth and endures forever .

  2. This is an amazing testimony! Wow. My sister got saved 25 years ago immediately after God gave her a dream and spoke to her in that dream about dying in her sins if she refused to turn to Him for salvation. She got saved immediately following the dream and was an ecstatic believer. She died less than a year later. So I am a firm believer that God uses dreams in a magnificent way!

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