Iran and the Coronavirus…it is Bad!

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Iran, a close ally to China, reportedly has the second-highest death rate due to the Coronavirus. Many countries, including neighboring Turkey and Pakistan, have now closed their borders to those traveling from Iran.

While the raw numbers in China far surpass any other country (despite being significantly suppressed), Iran’s death-to-cases percentage (23%) is dramatically higher than any other nation. Also, while some news reports are indicating a slow-down in the number of total cases, the number of deaths appear to be steady.

Here is what appears to be a decent source of information regarding the spread of the Coronavirus. Of course, any source of information is only as good as what is reported to them by governments and health organizations. Most experts agree the numbers, particularly from China, and likely from Iran, are significantly under-reported.

Meanwhile, in another bit of bad news for Iran, their Deputy Health Minister, Iraj Harirchi, has tested positive for the Coronavirus. (Story here.) And on a “you’ve got to be kidding” note, at least some in Iran are blaming the outbreak there on the US! An Iranian cleric declared, “Trump injected the Coronavirus into Iran.”

Iran is literally spreading the disease all over the Middle East due to the brashness of an evil regime and the incompetence of their health ministry. The Jerusalem Post ran a very eye-opening article, including the attitude of Iranian leaders toward potential mass casualties of their very own people. It is appalling! (Read How Iran’s Regime Spread the Coronavirus to the Middle East.)

Keep praying, my friends! There is turmoil on so many fronts, and the world just needs Jesus. May the Coronavirus be the catalyst to drive many to the saving grace of our Lord…and when His mission is accomplished the Coronavirus will be no more.

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