Satellite Photos from Israeli Strike on Damascus – Feb 13, 2020

Image result for iranian cargo in damascus
Iranian cargo plane unloading in Damascus.

After an Iranian cargo plane unloaded its payload (weapons/equipment) at the Damascus airport last Thursday, Israeli F-16’s struck warehouses, headquarters and storage facilities used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC).

Satellite images of the damages have now been released.

A report, a video and additional satellite images can be found here.

Despite numerous warnings from PM Benjamin Netanyahu that Israel will not tolerate Iran setting up shop just across its border (Damascus is only 40 miles from Israel’s border), the Iranian regime continues to test the waters and issue threats of their own.

How long can this go on? What happens if/when Netanyahu leaves power? What about American support if/when Trump is not re-elected?

These are serious questions, with serious answers. Please pray for wisdom for our world leaders, particularly Netanyahu and Trump as they make monumental decisions. Pray, also, for God’s grace and sovereignty in the Israeli election March 2.

For women in the Phoenix area, I will be teaching “Preparing for His Coming” on Saturday, when we consider current events such as this. Through the lens of Scripture, we will attempt to make sense of things and discover God’s desire for us in these trying times. Hosted by the women’s ministry at Jesus Church (29th Ave and Greenway) in Phoenix AZ, teaching begins at 9:30am. All women (all ages) are welcome!

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