Why are Arabs Moving to Jewish Cities?

PALESTINIANS REJECT the ‘Deal of the Century.’ (photo credit: REUTERS)

The Trump Administration’s “Deal of the Century” is controversial on many fronts. In it, Trump totally flipped the burden of responsibility from Israel to the Palestinians. Previous peace plans implied that Israel was responsible (at least to a large degree) for the oppression of the Palestinian people, and the agreements were fraught with “land for peace” deals. Ironically, Israel agreed to most of those peace plans. It was Palestinian leadership who consistently rejected the deals.

The same is true of this deal. It was rejected outright long before it was even presented, and it will never be accepted by the Palestinians. Why? For one, they simply do not want peace with Israel. But even if they did, this plan squarely plants a significant part of the responsibility on the Palestinians. For example, they must acknowledge a Jewish state, must cease funding “pay-to-slay” payments to terrorists who kill Israelis, and must disarm. Too much responsibility for Palestinian leadership to ever agree to!

Thus, it seems to be a no-brainer that all Palestinians would oppose the “Deal of the Century.” But that’s not the case! Most Arabs/Palestinians who live in Israel realize they have it better than their Arab brothers and sisters in any other Muslim-dominated nation in the world! They have freedoms and representation in Israel that are not afforded anywhere else.

In fact, Arabs in some Palestinian-controlled areas have bought property and (at times) have moved into Jewish cities! Why? Read the two articles below to better understand the paradox!

Think about it: If you were Arab, where would YOU rather live!?!

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