Amazing Masada

Let’s take a break from the chaos in the world today to explore an awesome spot in Israel!

In November, our tour group had the blessed privilege of visiting the steep cliffs of Masada, the mighty Roman fortress built by King Herod. We heard the story of brave Jewish people who captured the vast mesa top in 66 AD, just prior to Roman legions beginning a siege on Jerusalem that would ultimately drive the Jews out of the land in 70 AD.

Following that siege, Rome turned attention back to the fortress, and made plans to take it back. They were held off for almost two years by a determined group of Jewish rebels, but, after building a siege ramp on the western side of the mountain, succeeded in breaching the fortress wall.

Once it was clear the Romans would overtake them, 953 of the 960 Jews chose to take their own lives rather than endure oppressive slavery to the Romans. Two women and five children who hid out in a cistern lived to tell the story.

Masada stands today as a great national symbol of freedom. Graduation ceremonies for many IDF units are held in front of grandstands on the western side of Masada, where soldiers vow, “Never again!”

It’s an amazing site, and here is a fabulous 2-minute fly over. Enjoy!

PS: If you missed our 2019 Tour video, you will find it here. Also, check back tomorrow for a special message of hope!

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