The World is Silent as Iranian People Suffer

News out of Iran over the past weeks has indicated a sense of chaos in Iran as citizens protest. While in Israel came the news that gas prices in Iran suddenly rose by 50%. Protests that were already taking place in cities across the Persian map ramped up to new levels. American sanctions are working and the Iranian people are fed up with the oppressive regime.

For 40 years the brutal regimes of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his predecessor have stolen the rights of the Iranian people and have suffocated them in tyrannical oppression. The streets of many cities in Iran are now filled with protesters, simply wanting freedom that those of us in America take for granted.

Meanwhile, most of the world is silent. Melanie Phillips recently wrote a very on-target piece entitled The Heroism of the Iranian People Shrugged off by Degenerate Europe. I recommend it.

What difference does it make? Plenty. First, the right thing to do is to help those who are legitimately oppressed. Secondly, the Iranian regime has grand plans to destroy Israel (the “little Satan”) and, ultimately, America (the “great Satan”). Fortunately, under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu and President Trump, Israel and America are working to defeat the Iranian regime, yet both are facing opposition within their own nations!

Pray for the people of Iran…and pray for the leaders of Israel and America. These are crucial times.

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