Tour Rewind: A Messianic Congregation and a Holocaust Survivor

Joining the All Nations Messianic congregation at Baptist Village

Our tour was filled with special blessings day-after-day, even more than anticipated. One of the first was a service we attended with Messianic believers at All Nations Congregation. Each Saturday morning they meet to worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Though Christians make up only a very small percentage of Israelis (less than 5%), they love Yeshua (Jesus) and worship Him with all their hearts! We witnessed it at Baptist Village, where services are held in both English and Hebrew each Saturday morning. We were welcomed by a congregation of about 250 people who surrounded us with love and greeted us as though we were the only group to ever drop in for a visit. (They have hundreds of groups come through every year!)

This congregation occupies a youth camp-type setting, with sports facilities (see below), and uses a tranquil picnic space to have potluck meals together in between English and Hebrew services, thus, mingling together over a meal. Our tour schedule did not allow us to join the potluck, but we did get to enjoy a few minutes in the quiet stillness of that facility.

Quiet setting at Baptist Village
Image result for baptist village petah tikva israel
Home of Israeli Baseball League

Indeed, it was a blessed time of worship and fellowship together. We felt so blessed to join them! There is nothing like worshiping the King of Kings in the land the King loves!

Along the way, we encountered another huge blessing as we paid a visit to the Haifa Home for Holocaust survivors. This facility is operated by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, and is a very tangible effort by Christians to bless Israel. The home provides assisted-living facilities with a warm family environment for those who have endured the hellish atrocities of the Holocaust.

Rita is a resident of the Haifa Home and she shared her heart-wrenching story of survival with us. Though very articulate in English, Rita is an artist, and her story is told most powerfully in her artwork. Here is Rita, sharing with our group.

Would you like to hear Rita’s story? Here it is:

We’ve only scratched the surface of the many blessings we enjoyed while in Israel. Check back tomorrow when I share more about our amazing tour!


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