Tour Rewind: Our Journey to Israel

Hi friends! The 2019 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL Tour is now in the books and our group has returned home. Experiences and memories of the trip will last a lifetime, and I hope you enjoyed following along as we toured the land.

We enjoyed so many wonderful things that time did not allow for detail, so I will attempt to “rewind” to share more in-depth highlights, and keep the flames of excitement burning a bit longer. In every way, it was a trip of a lifetime! So, over the next few days, I invite you to put yourself in the pictures I share, and imagine being there with us!

Our tour launched on Wednesday, November 13. For the previous 6 months, the locals in our group had gathered regularly to prepare logistically and spiritually for our tour, and to bond together as friends. That morning we boarded flights bound for Ben Gurion International Airport, near Tel Aviv. We would soon become more than just friends. We became family, as each looked after the needs of each other. Words really do no justice to the move of the Holy Spirit upon us all. We were in for an “above all you can ask or imagine” experience. Here are some of our memories:

The star of David (national emblem of Israel) adorned the tail of our 787 Boeing Dreamliner. El Al airlines is the flagship airline of Israel, and our aircraft for the 14-hour flight from the US to Israel!

Our first group photo in Israel…immediately upon arrival! A great adventure awaited, and we were ready to receive all the Lord had for us!

Our first lesson in why it is important to pack light!!! The sign in the background welcomes us to Israel!

After meeting our dear guide, Aly, we climbed aboard a bus with this sign in the window:

Aly had been told we wanted a sign and, being an elementary school teacher, arts and crafts are talents of hers! She created the sign by hand and it hung in the window of our bus throughout the tour.

Aly became a dearly loved part of our tour. Dutch-born, she came to Israel for a service project and remained in the land, where she met and married an Egyptian man. They now have 4 young adult children and are part of a Messianic congregation in Jerusalem. Aly is now deciding whether to return to teaching (after a year off to guide full-time) or continue as a guide. We’re praying for God to grant wisdom. Please join us in praying for Aly!

Tomorrow: Tour Rewind: The First of Many Special Experiences

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