Israel Will Stand Alone…But How Close are We to Reality?

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In several places and in several different ways, the Bible tells us that Israel will stand alone in the last days. For example, Zechariah 12:3 warns of a day when Jerusalem will become a heavy stone and those who lift it will be injured. On that day, ALL the nations of the earth will gather against Jerusalem. Not one will stand with her.

Likewise, ALL nations are put on full alert in Joel 3:2 where the prophet foresees a time when God will gather all the nations of the earth to the Valley of Jehoshaphat and will judge them according to how they treated God’s chosen land and God’s chosen people. A sad day for the nations of the world who have all turned against Israel.

Of course, Ezekiel 38 also indicates that Israel will stand alone as she is invaded by a Russian-Iranian-Turkish invasion. Some (such as Saudi Arabia) will refrain from attacking Israel, but they do nothing in her defense either. Is America part of the Tarshish villages that stand around asking senseless questions while Israel is being attacked?

It is not a matter of IF Israel will stand alone, but WHEN. Signs tell us those days are fast approaching. We see Jerusalem becoming “a heavy stone.” They are becoming the focus of everything bad in the Middle East. While evil regimes oppress, and in some cases, outright murder their own people, Israel gets dragged day-after-day through the sanctions of the UN. The world blames Israel for the Middle East ills, and the hatred against Jews and their homeland are reaching proportions similar to what was seen just prior to the Holocaust.

Israel’s isolation is noticed, and the world sits idly by. Unfortunately, what lurks just under the surface is very disturbing. The US has historically been a faithful ally of Israel. Yet, something will happen at some point that causes America to join the nations of the world in God’s judgment. What is it that will cause America to take that path?

I would like to think it will happen because of the rapture…and it might. But it might also happen for an array of other reasons. America will someday be stripped of its power and prestige in the world, and we could see that happen very soon.

Well-known, American-educated, Jewish journalist Caroline Glick recently wrote an op-ed in an Israeli newspaper that, if proven true, may explain how America loses its glory, and what impact it will have on Israel. This is one of the most articulate articles on the subject I have ever read, and I hope you’ll take 4-5 minutes to read it for yourself.

Trump, Israel and the Democratic Crackup

Christian friend, if you are not a prayer warrior in the army of the King of Kings, it’s time to become one. Time is ticking away and, in the twinkling of an eye we could be taken out of here to be in the presence of our King! Until then, we have work to do.

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