God’s Story at the Pool of Bethesda

Image result for pool of bethesda

Have you ever longed for healing, only to feel isolated and helpless? Sometimes we need mental and emotional healing. At other times, we find ourselves drifting from the Lord and in need of spiritual healing. Perhaps, like the man in John 5, we need physical healing.

This weeks’ study guide leads us into the account of the lame man who laid day-after-day by the healing waters of the Pool of Bethesda, yet could not get himself into the pool to be healed. I’m sure he felt isolated and helpless. Then, Jesus showed up and that man was suddenly written into God’s Story! Be sure to check out the study guide here.

As we approach our departure date, our tour group is focusing on the tour theme: God’s Story. We’re beginning to consider how God writes each of us into His story, and we anticipate Him making His story very vivid and personally meaningful to each of us as we view the sites and engage the people of Israel.

I hope you are not only enjoying the study guides, but that they are guiding you to see through the lens of Scripture as well! Whether you travel with us to Israel physically or vicariously through the study guides and reports from Israel, my prayer is that we all come away from this experience more deeply committed to our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Messiah.

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