Israelis Stand in Solidarity with Christians and Kurds in Syria

“This week, the Turkish dictator Erdogan initiated a war in northern Syria against the Kurds and Christians . Hundreds of Kurds and Christians have been killed and hundreds of thousands have been forced to leave their homes. We cannot stand by silently while this goes on!”

~Statement from the Jerusalem Initiative

Last week Israeli citizens took to the streets in opposition and protest of Turkish President Erdogan’s invasion of Syria, and to pray in the heart of the Old City.

Base on a report by CBN, one organizer said this:

“[We are] Remembering again and again what is happening there – another genocide for [other] minorities all over the Middle East like Yazidis, like Christians, all the minorities are suffering…Families are refugees. Just sitting in a camp between a border. They don’t belong to any country now.”

More and more it seems Jews and Christians are finding more in common than not, resulting in greater cooperation and fellowship between the two. Praise God for that, and let’s pray that, as cooperation continues, we will be excellent reflections of the Jewish Messiah, in order that our Jewish friends might place their trust in Him.

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