Biblical Edom: Archaeology Catches up with Scripture Once More

Image result for ancient edom discovered
Land of Edom

Discoveries throughout Israel and surrounding territory have increased exponentially over the past few years, and each discovery points to the truth of Scripture!

Recently archaeologists have discovered and confirmed the Biblical site of Edom, a major rival of Israel in ancient days. Scholars have often disputed whether or not Edom even existed, but recent finds have proven God’s Word to be true and accurate as written. (Edom is part of modern-day Jordan.)

Israeli excavators in the Timna Valley found evidence, such as copper-smelting facilities, of a “thriving and wealthy society” consistent with the Biblical narrative. Add this to other recent discoveries at places such as the City of David, Jerusalem, Magdala and others, and the tapestry of Jewish history is weaved together just as the Bile says!

In less than a month our tour group will travel to Israel, where we will see some of these sites with our very eyes! What encouragement it will be as we see God’s Word confirmed by today’s discoveries. Please pray for us as we go. May our eyes be wide open to see what the Lord puts before us, but more importantly, may our hearts and minds be open to understand God’s Story being revealed to us in the Land of Israel!

BTW – As time allows, I will report on our journey and share insight as the Lord reveals it. You are invited to stay tuned and travel with us vicariously as we take in all He puts before us!

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