Jewish Sukkot Nearing the End

In Israel and around the world Jews are enjoying the final hours of Sukkot. Officially ending tomorrow evening (Sunday, 10/20/2019), this Jewish feast endures for 8 days. It is a time of celebration in which Jews rejoice before Adonai (God). The last of the seven major feasts of Israel, Sukkot follows the very somber occasion of Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), an intense time of introspection and repentance. Sukkot (aka Feast of Tabernacles) is a very joyous occasion, celebrating God’s goodness.

Image result for lulav and etrog
Lulav and Etrog

In orthodox settings, rejoicing takes place according to very specific, Old Testament commands, and includes “waving the lulav and etrog.” The lulav is actually a cluster of lulav, willow and myrtle branches, along with a yellow fruit called etrog.

Succot Hallel (“praises of Sukkot”) is held in synagogues around the world, but perhaps no more appropriately than in the Great Synagogue of Jerusalem. Jewish women are typically seated in the balcony of most synagogues, thus in the following video, you see only men participating in the waving of lulav and etrog.

Tune in for a glimpse of Succot Hallel in the Great Synagogue. Actual waving of the lulav begins around the 7:20 mark in the video, and the celebration ratchets up from there. Hopefully you get a sense of the celebration as they rejoice before Adonai! Enjoy!

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