Qumran: Home of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Caves of Qumran where several Dead Sea Scrolls were found

Happy Saturday everyone!

Our tour group is getting really excited about our upcoming trip to Israel in November. One of the things we are doing to prepare is studying a bit about some of the sites we will see once we get there. It is always good to know the Biblical significance of a place, as well as some historical points of reference. That is why we’re studying beforehand!

One of Israel’s most significant places, in terms of our modern-day Scriptures, is Qumran. The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered there in 1947 and many significant happenings have occurred because of that.

We’ll get a two-part look at Qumran. I’ll start today by directing you to our latest study guide…which happens to be on Qumran! You will find it, along with many other study guides, on our EXPERIENCE ISRAEL Study Guides page.

Then, come back tomorrow to glimpse a short video tour of Qumran. But, shhhhh…..! I didn’t tell my tour group because that is just for you!!!

It’s an interesting two-day look at the very place where God preserved His Word for us! Enjoy!

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