Iran’s Oppression of its Own

The Iranian people are being held hostage by a regime that prioritizes regional aggression over the well-being of its own people.

~AIPAC Facebook post, September 6, 2019

Those of us living in free, democratic societies have no point of reference in which to understand what life is like to be oppressed by leaders who espouse evil agendas. For example, in Iran:

  • Women have been prohibited from leaving their houses without being accompanied, from going to school, and from working without their husband’s permission.
  • Amputation of limbs is common punishment of those who steal.
  • Apostates are sentenced to death.
  • Those deemed disloyal to the regime are tortured or murdered.
  • Athletes must not compete against Israelis.

Is it any wonder, then, that world-class athletes, fearing for their lives, intentionally lose or withdraw in order not to square off against an Israeli?

I recently reported on the Israeli who recently became world champion in judo. That is a fantastic accomplishment and nothing diminishes it. However, there is another story that came out of that championship in Tokyo.

A world-class Iranian judo fighter was literally threatened by leaders in Iran that he or his family would be in danger if he fought the Israeli contender. “I am afraid,” stated Iranian champion, Saeid Mollaei, who immediately and mysteriously lost a match prior to the clash with his Jewish opponent.

What would you do?

Hear Mollaei tell his story in his own words. Then, pray for Iranians who are oppressed by evil men who simply hate Israel and all they stand for. Most Iranian citizens are just like you and me. They simply want to live their lives in peace and freedom, minus the oppression that seems to hover constantly.

Ultimately, God will judge the lives and actions of tyrants who oppress their own people while threatening others. The Iranian regime will not escape their deserved consequences, but meanwhile, Iranian citizens living under their oppression are worthy of our prayers.

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