Israeli Woman Breaks European 10K Record

Screen capture from video of Israeli runner Lonah Chemtai Salpeter winning the Florence Marathon and setting a new Israeli women's record for the distance, November 25, 2018. (YouTube)

Israelis are gaining notoriety in everything from technology and medicine (as seen this morning), to sports (as seen a few days ago).

Recently, a Kenyan Jew ran the second fastest women’s 10k in history while breaking the European record. Last year she shattered the course record when she ran the Florence (Italy) Marathon under in under 2:25. (See the report here.)

So, why are these accomplishments important? I believe it is evidence of the maturity of the nation, and of God’s grace and favor upon His people. In only 71 years as a re-born nation, Israel has quickly “come of age.”

But soon, the maturing nation will meet an obstacle in which they will Ezekiel to depend totally upon the Lord. That even is the northern invasion describe in Ezekiel 38-39. At that time, the Lord Himself will come to their defense, as no amount of technology or athletic prowess will save them.

Let’s enjoy seeing Israel thrive…but let’s also pray for eyes to be open to see their Messiah!

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