Mt Carmel and Megiddo

Two very interesting sites in Israel are Mt Carmel and Megiddo. 1 Kings 18 tells us of the incredible confrontation between the great prophet Elijah and the prophets of the false gods of Baal on Mt Carmel. In a season of time when the Israelites had forsaken the commandments of the Lord to follow the Baals, Elijah issued a challenge that would prove who the One True God was. Indeed, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob rose to the occasion!

Just a short distance from Carmel is Megiddo, another site that has had its share of altars to false pagan gods.

The site, also known to be one of several locations of Solomon’s stables, is perhaps best known historically as a major intersection of north-south and east-west ancient highways, making it a key commercial site. Megiddo sits atop a hill, known as “har” in Hebrew. Together, the words “Har-Megiddo” are easily recognizable as Armageddon! Indeed, this is the area Revelation 16 describes as the place warring nations will gather to launch the Battle of Armageddon, the Tribulation’s final event just before Jesus returns to earth once more.

We will visit these exciting sites on our tour to Israel in November, but even if you’re not traveling with us, you are invited to study along with us. You will find a study guide for Mt Carmel and Megiddo (an more) on the EXPERIENCE ISRAEL Study Guides page. Enjoy!

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