Part 4 – Understanding the Present: How Close are We?

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Week 3 of Understanding the Times

Arguably, the most important sign of the last days is expressed in the parable of the fig tree, recorded in Matthew 24:32-35. In it, the fig tree represents Israel, and putting forth leaves is representative of Israel’s re-birth in 1948. Israel MUST be back in the land in order to fulfill end-time prophecy, as Scripture tells us they will live in their land, in security and unwalled villages.

Today, Israel is secure and prosperous. The tiny nation is a world leader in agriculture, technology, medicine, military and many other things. Indeed, the fig tree has put forth its leaves! Ezekiel 36-37 predicted that, and now Ezekiel 38-39 are next in Ezekiel’s prophetic vision.

So, how close are we? We’re living in the last minutes of the last days. What difference does it make, and how are we to live? Joel 2:1 provides some insight. There, the prophet exhorts us to blow the trumpet in Zion and sound the alarm! The day of the Lord is coming and we must live our lives in light of that!

One day, we will be taken in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, and we will be changed! (1 Corinthians 15:52) Everyone will know when the tribulation begins, but there are no signs for the rapture. The signs we see are those that occur AFTER the rapture. Yet, 1 Thessalonians 5:1-5 indicates we (believers) have no need for anything to be written to us, as we KNOW the day will come as a thief in the night! While THEY are saying “Peace and safety,” YOU are not in darkness!

Back to Matthew 24: When the fig tree puts forth leaves, you KNOW summer is near….when you SEE these things, His return is very near. Do we KNOW? Do we SEE…

  • The fig tree coming to life?
  • A revived land and language?
  • Israel living safe, secure and prosperous?
  • Russia, Iran and Turkey on Israel’s border?
  • Hook in the jaw?

We must look to the prophets, the covenants and the feasts of the past in order to understand the present and prepare for the future! He who promised is faithful, and because He is faithful to Israel, He will be faithful to us. We must prepare as the Bride expecting the Bridegroom, because He is coming.

…and that is the focus of the future! See you next week as we conclude our study by understanding the future and what God has in store for us! Thanks for sharing the virtual study table with us!

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