And the Winner is…..

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With over 95% of the vote counted, current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finds himself in a dead heat with challenger Benny Gantz in Israel’s election to select the next Israeli administration.

Plagued by allegations of fraud and corruption, Netanyahu spent the last few months fighting for his political life. Now it comes down to this! Both men declared victory on Tuesday night, but there are three intriguing elements on which to focus.

First, exit polls taken by Israeli TV stations had Gantz winning by several seats throughout the day and into the evening. What happened to allow Netanyahu and his Likud party back into the chase? Here is my thought: while more liberal than many of us care to know, Israel as a whole remains a fairly conservative nation, and most are totally fed up with the liberal media. (Sound familiar?) It is thought by some that upon exit from the polls, conservatives “voted” opposite of their true ballot in order to provide false data to the media. Could it be? Who knows!

Secondly, both Netanyahu and Gantz could claim victory because even if Gantz’s Blue and White party garners more votes than Netanyahu’s Likud, it seems a lock that the right-wing parties will coalesce with Likud to form a coalition. Gantz will likely not be able to cobble together enough left-wingers to do so. Thus, while Netanyahu may lose the battle, he will win the war!

I find the third element most intriguing! Almost everyone would say that Donald Trump won the American presidency because of the evangelical vote. What is not admitted so readily is the prayer effort that went into the election of President Trump. Though perhaps a much smaller army, the prayer warriors who prayed on behalf of Israel’s right wing have once again found favor in God’s eyes as we pray for conservative leaders and ideals.

To be clear, Benjamin Netanyahu is a flawed man…just like the rest of us. There are “black marks” on his personal and professional life. However, just like President Trump in America, I believe God is using Benjamin Netanyahu despite his flaws. I am not a huge fan of either of them personally, but I am a huge fan of the fact they consistently (purposefully or not) make choices that honor God’s Word. Examples: pro-life, refusal to divide the land of Israel, protection of the nations’ citizens, nationalist (not globalists) etc.

For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent,
And for Jerusalem’s sake I will not keep quiet,
Until her righteousness goes forth like brightness,
And her salvation like a torch that is burning.
The nations will see your righteousness,
And all kings your glory.

~Isaiah 62:1-2

Dear Christians, we play a huge role in these last days, whether we know it or not! Jerusalem’s righteousness will one day go forth and the nations and kings will see it! Who will lead the way? Israel’s leaders and other world leaders who stand with Israel as the Bible commands. Pray for PM Netanyahu, President Trump and others who stand strongly with Israel.

And who continues their diligent work in the shadows, away from the limelight? We do! For Jerusalem’s sake, we will not keep quiet! Verses 6-7 of that passage describe us as watchmen on the wall, praying day and night, taking no rest until the Lord establishes Jerusalem a praise in the earth!

The days in which we live are becoming more and more treacherous. Let’s remain vigilant in our commitment to stand with Israel!

2 thoughts on “And the Winner is…..

  1. I definitely prayed that Bibi would win! But God raises up leaders and puts them for His purposes, sometimes in opposition to our prayers. I am curious to see how this year will play out for both Netanyahu and Trump.

    1. Amen, Dee! Indeed, God places leaders for His purposes. May they now lead by the gracious guidance of the Lord, and may they honor Him with their decisions. Let’s continue to pray for Netanyahu and his new administration. Blessings!

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