Beware of the Media Spin on the New Zealand Mosque Massacre

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As you know, tragedy struck New Zealand on Friday as a white supremacist and self-proclaimed neo-Nazi opened fire on two mosques while Muslim worshipers were praying. The killer live streamed the massacre on social media after posting a manifesto on Facebook.

To be very, very clear: Regardless of who the victims are, there is never justification for killing others simply because of their race or because they do not believe as we do. This was a demonic act of extremism by a very sick and deranged man, and I 100% condemn what took place in those New Zealand mosques.

However, I want to highlight what the media has not told us, and that is that the killer did not make one statement (positive or negative) about Muslims in the lengthy manifesto detailing how and why he was about to take the lives of innocent people. In fact, he specifically indicated that the rub was against immigration because it violated the borders of a white society. He went on to talk about birth rate and how it should be limited to two children, but that immigrants were over-populating the country.

So, while it happened to be Muslims in mosques that were attacked, based on the killer’s own manifesto, this was not about killing Muslims, but about killing immigrants. That absolutely does not make right what he did, but consider this: Christians are being killed by the thousands across the Middle East. And who is doing the killing there? Muslims…and they are killing people BECAUSE they are Christians.

Particularly since US Congresswomen are allowed to spew anti-Semitic rhetoric without even so much as a gentle rebuke, and yet get Congress to pass a resolution lumping such remarks in with Islamaphobia, here is what I suspect will occur in the US, and perhaps around the world. This tragic incident will turn into a rallying cry about “intolerance” toward Muslims. The freshmen Muslim Congresswomen who have been given free reign to spout off anyway they wish will take further steps to promote pro-Islamic, anti-Jewish agendas. It will be loud and bold, and progressives will jump on the bandwagon.

Dear friends, America is in jeopardy of following the path Europe has taken if we don’t do something soon to stop it. Mosques across the US are leading their congregations in the violent teachings of Muhammad, while outwardly (to the public and the media) crying “intolerance!” It has clearly happened in Europe, and the US is on the heals of the European example.

Again, I’m sickened by the tragedy in New Zealand, and I am happy that government and religious leaders, including many Jews, have totally and completely condemned the wanton murder of 50 worshipers. However, as believers and followers of Jesus Christ, we must be discerning of the time in which we live, and of the things in which we see and hear.

In closing, consider God’s truth. He created every human in His image and every life is valuable. Jews are not more important or more loved in God’s eyes than Muslims. Yet, Muslims who adhere to their holy book and particularly to the teachings of Muhammad follow a theology of death. Often, their outlook on life reflects that.

Christians, we must pray, not only for those who have suffered loss, but for truth to become known to all. Jews need Jesus. Muslims need Jesus. The man who shot these people needs Jesus. We all need Jesus! Evil seems to reign in our world and the only solution is Jesus Christ!

The Bible tells us that in the end there will be lawlessness. (See 2 Timothy 3:1-5, for example.) The reality is that what we see today pales in comparison to what we will see as the last days play out. We must stand firm, and we must pray for eyes to be opened and hearts to turn toward Jesus.

Now is a great time to do that. Meet you in the throne room of God!

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