Modern Day Tale of Jonah and the Great Fish

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Most of us cannot imagine swimming with whales, much less encountering one up close and personal. However, that was Jonah’s experience, and the recent experience of a man named Rainer Schimpf .

The Lord told Jonah the prophet to go to Nineveh, yet he rebelled and ran the opposite direction. He boarded a boat in Joppa and set sail across the Mediterranean Sea, only to be tossed overboard because he believed the raging storm that engulfed them was a result of God’s anger with him.

Into the sea he went, only to be swallowed by a great fish. While it is hard to understand just how he survived (God took care of that!), the Bible tells us he remained in the belly of the great fish for 3 days before being spit up on shore. Likely bleached by digestive juices and smelling horrific, the Lord had succeeded in getting his attention! Thus, Jonah set out toward Nineveh to fulfill the Lord’s call (though not without other moments of discontent!)

Can you imagine finding yourself inside the jaws of a whale? Well, a South African man recently experienced a Jonah-type moment…though he didn’t make it into the belly of the whale.

I don’t know whether or not Rainer Schimpf experienced any “God moments” as Jonah must have, but he definitely got up close and personal enough to examine the whale’s tonsils! Check out the story:

So, the question is this: has God called you to a specific task or mission of which you are avoiding? We’ve all had those occasions, haven’t we? To avoid our proverbial “belly of the whale” experience, we must be obedient to the Lord’s call.

What a clearly visible object lesson for us all! Happy Lord’s Day!

3 thoughts on “Modern Day Tale of Jonah and the Great Fish

  1. hawk2017

    Very scary I think. This Jonah was in God’s hands, I believe. I pray for salvation and healing for this family, in our God’s name.:)

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