Amazing Discoveries Every Day in Israel!

An archaeological team recently found a partial clay seal bearing the name of the prophet Isaiah, as well as another discovery linking Isaiah to King Hezekiah! You see, if you try to disprove the Bible, one of the ways to do so is to disprove that certain prophetic writings were written before the actual events being prophesied.

In this case, we know that Isaiah was a prophet during the reign of King Hezekiah, thus finding two artifacts together, one of Isaiah and one of King Hezekiah, is strong evidence that the two lived at the same time! Just as the Bible says!

Read the fascinating article about the discoveries here: Archaeological Evidence for Prophet Isaiah.

These artifacts were found at the base of the southern wall of Temple Mount…a place we also know for certain that Jesus walked! Friends I can hardly wait to take you on a tour of these sites and more! We will see the real live activity going on in Israel to uncover more and more evidence that the Bible is true!

Come join us for the EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR this November!

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