Israel: A Treasure Box of Promises!

When I think of Bible prophecy, my mind often goes to current news events such as chaos in Syria or the coalition-building efforts between Russia, Iran and Turkey. But there are so many other Bible prophecies being fulfilled in our day!

For example, Israel has seen drought conditions in recent years, but has received substantial rainfall in the past weeks. Not to say the drought is necessarily over, but simply that God is fulfilling His promise of Deuteronomy 28:12 to send rain in its proper time from His treasury in heaven!

Reports from those in the land say the Golan Heights are as green as they have ever seen. The always beautiful Hula Valley is soaking up moisture that will likely leave its field as lush and prosperous as ever. Even those who do not recognize Jesus as the Messiah are introspective of His handiwork, and link it to redemption:

“Rain is the marriage of heaven and earth and this downpour hints that the Messiah is about to arrive. The heavens are God’s domain and the earth is Israel. This rain is clearly the rain of redemption.”

~Mystic rabbi, Dov Kook

A similar prophecy is being fulfilled in Samaria (known as modern-day West Bank). Jeremiah 31:5 tells us vineyards will be planted in Samaria, and Israelis will eat from their own gardens there.

Understand that Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into wine at a wedding in Cana (John 2). Wine plays a big part in Jewish weddings, festivals and Sabbath. In the 4th and 5th centuries, Romans exported wine from the area, as it was considered among the world’s best. Vineyards were destroyed, however, as the Romans were driven from the area.

Jews returning to their homeland in the late-19th century found the area to be nothing but desert wasteland. Yet, some were determined to restore that wasteland, just as God said would happen! By the late 20th century, the Lord’s blessing upon the land was evident, and the quality of wine soared! Today, wineries from Samaria are consistently winning international awards for outstanding quality.

But there is one other interestingly related prophecy tucked into Isaiah 61:5, promising that foreigners would be the vine dressers in the land. Believe it or not, Christians from around the world are journeying to Israel on mission trips to do just that! (Read about it here.)

Be encouraged! God is faithful to His Word, and He uses prophecy not only to warn us of end times, but to reveal that faithfulness to us! The treasure trove of God’s promises in the land of Israel provide all the evidence we need!

Makes me long to return there…how about you! Join us on the EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR November 13-24, 2019! Find information here.

3 thoughts on “Israel: A Treasure Box of Promises!

    1. You are absolutely correct, SLIMJIM! One of the greatest evidences that God exists is the nation of Israel and how Scripture prophesies it all! No nation, apart from the hand of God, could have survived what they have…and yet they thrive today! Would love for you to join us on the tour as we see the evidence with our very own eyes!

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