Straight Talk from a Palestinian…Israel is Not the Problem!

“If you’re not willing to criticize the terrorists who are sending the people into a failing battle, then you are part of the issue, too.”

Straight from the mouth of an American-Palestinian who understands the brainwashing the Palestinian Authority is forcing upon otherwise innocent Palestinian people.

Take a listen as he encourages young Palestinians at the end of this powerful 3-minute message to resist the status quo and make something of themselves!

Christian friends, there is a spiritual battle raging for the souls of Palestinian people, and it is our responsibility as believers and followers of Jesus Christ to pray for those in need.

Sure…there is pure evil among those who promote terrorism. But we must understand there are common, ordinary Palestinians who, just like you and me, simply wish to live their lives with some sense of security and meaning. Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority oppresses their people, paying them to kill Jews and to keep chaos stirred up.

Let’s pray for those who live under that oppression, and for men like this who will take a stand, speak the truth, and encourage others to move beyond the evil foisted upon them. They need the power of our risen Lord and Savior to fight the battle. Pray for a great revelation, and for hearts and minds to turn toward the One who can redeem them…Jesus Christ.

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