Amir Tsarfati and Jack Hibbs Headline “Proximity Conference” in SoCal

Greetings friends! For those of you who live in Southern California, you won’t want to miss the Proximity: Awaiting His Return Conference, featuring Amir Tsarfati, Pastor Jack Hibbs, Pastor Barry Stagner and Jan Markell at Calvary Chapel Tustin tomorrow (Saturday, January 5, 2019) The conference begins at 8:30 and is scheduled to conclude at 4:30 (Pacific time). You will find information about the Proximity Conference here.

As the name implies, the conference will focus on Bible prophecy relative to the return of Christ, and will have emphasis on current events that point to His return. All speakers are highly-respected for their commitment to the veracity of God’s Word and I encourage those of you in Southern California to attend if you can.

I am not sure whether or not the conference will be live-streamed, though the host church does have a live-stream site here. Check that link on Saturday morning for possible live-stream of all teachings, or catch them later on their Message Archive page. Meanwhile, Amir’s teaching, The Great Separation (at 1:15 PST), will be live-streamed on Behold Israel’s Facebook page.

Enjoy the conference!

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