Israel: Proof that God Exists!

More than 300 years ago, King Louis XIV, the ruler of France, asked the famous philosopher, mathematician, Blaise Pascal, to prove the existence of God. Pascal replied: “Well, Your Majesty, the Jews! The Jews!”

God’s Word can be trusted from cover to cover; and in it, God made promise after promise to the Jewish people.  Then, He commenced fulfilling those promises, which He still does today!

Eitan Bar of One for Israel wrote a fantastic article (and posted an accompanying video) entitled Does the Existence of Israel Prove the Existence of God?  In a walk through Scripture, Bar reviews Israel’s history, including the regathering and restoration that we see taking place today.

In the end, he admits Israel’s failure to follow God, but God’s faithfulness to His promises nonetheless.  Then he reminds us:

He is the same God, yesterday, today and forever. The God of Israel keeps his promises! If he has done all this for Israel, you can count on his faithfulness to you too.

Amen!  Israel is our insurance policy!  Praise God for His faithfulness in the midst of our failure, too!

Take a few minute to read the article (linked above) and perhaps view the video.  You will be encouraged!

BTW – I happened to catch an interview between Jan Markell (Olive Tree Ministries) and Pastor Jack Hibbs and Pastor JD Farag in which they also proclaimed the same thing: Israel is proof of the existence of God!  Here is that interview.  (This was recorded prior to the Understanding the Times Conference last weekend.  If you missed that conference, look for archived videos at Olive Tree Ministries.)

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