Aaron Shust Sings “Zion” at Feast of Tabernacles


On that day I will gather you together
    and bring you home again.
I will give you a good name, a name of distinction,
    among all the nations of the earth,
as I restore your fortunes before their very eyes.
    I, the Lord, have spoken!”
~Zechariah 3:20 (NLT)

Hey gang, as noted yesterday, Aaron Shust performed his new song, Zion, at the Feast of Tabernacles currently ongoing in Jerusalem.

I heard Aaron Shust debut the song at a special gathering in Washington DC in May, and I find it difficult not to play the song over and over.  In it, Shust recounts Scripture upon Scripture referencing God’s promises to bring the Jews back home to their own land.  Those promises continue to be fulfilled as Jews from all over the world return to their homeland.  You can read Aaron’s account of how the song came about here.

On Tuesday night…Youth Night at the Feast of Tabernacles…Shust performed the beautifully moving song live.  The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is live streaming and recording the sessions, so you can hear the recorded performance, beginning at the 49:00 mark, by clicking here and choosing the September 25 session.

Meanwhile, if you prefer the professionally recorded version with lyrics, here it is:


Want to be truly blessed?  I encourage you to look up the verses referenced in the video.  Also, be warned: you will be singing “Adonai Elohenu, Adonai Echad, Shema Israel!” over and over!  (I bet you can’t listen to it just once!)


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