Week 8 – Three Great Covenants

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Oh how I wish all of you could be in class with us, as the discussion and interaction just simply can’t be replicated.  However, for those not able to attend live, pull up a chair to our virtual study table and I’ll do all I can to bring you up to speed!  Today, we’re moving into week 8, a session we’re calling Three Great Covenants.

Let’s get a running start into this week’s study by looking back in brief review of two important elements we studied previously: God’s 3-fold call given to Abraham and 4 Biblical principles regarding Israel and the nations.  In review:

God’s 3-fold call given to Abraham

  • Birthing call – God birthed His people through the Abrahamic Covenant
  • Suffering call – The “vultures” (evil opposition) faced by the Jewish people throughout history
  • Priestly call – Abraham offered his only son as a sacrifice, only to have God provide the sacrifice in his place

4 Biblical principles (Find them all here.)

  • Principle of Domicile – the land belongs to Israel, whether or not they live in the land
  • Principle of Righteousness – God desires righteousness from His people in order to live in the land
  • Principle of Discipline – God will use Israel’s enemies to discipline her
  • Principle of Retribution – Those who seek Israel’s total destruction will face severe retribution

Given God’s call and those Biblical principles, what are the implications for Israel and the nations?  We’ll consider Israel first.

Today, Israel is predominately secular, which is not a good position!  History tells us the Jewish people were exiled twice (to Assyria/Babylon in the 500’s BC, and by the Romans in 70 AD).  According to principle, we might expect correction and discipline.  However, I believe God has a different plan…He will save them!

The Bible teaches that a great revival will take place in which all Israel will be saved (Romans 11:26), and God will pour out His Spirit upon them (Ezekiel 37:14).

The prophets Zechariah and Isaiah provide insight into implications and instructions for the nations.  Take a look at Zechariah 1:14-15.  God is exceedingly jealous (and zealous!) for His people, and is very angry with those who are at ease and furthering the disaster upon His people.  Thus, we are wise to stand strong on Israel’s behalf!

Isaiah reinforces our need to take steadfast action.  Read Isaiah 62:1-2, 6-7.  Notice how adamant Isaiah is in telling us:

  • Do not be silent
  • Do not keep quiet
  • Take no rest
  • Give Him no rest


  • Israel’s righteousness goes forth like brightness
  • Israel’s salvation is a burning torch
  • God establishes and makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth

BTW, Israel is the vehicle of world redemption…and the great revival that is coming includes all people that God loves!  (All of us!)

Need an example of the open doors to all?  Read the account of Pentecost in Acts 2:5-11 for a list of those present at Pentecost!  You will find Parthians (Persians/Iran), Medes (Kurds of northern Iraq), Elamites (southern Iraq), Judea (West Bank), as well as many other people groups in modern-day Turkey, Asia Minor, Egypt and Libya.  Indeed, all were present at Pentecost, and all will be included in the great revival that is coming!

Wow…we’ve got work to do!  So, let’s be about our Father’s business until those things are accomplished.  After all, there are implications for our obedience to the Lord’s commands.

Tomorrow, we’ll begin digging into three great covenants that are collectively vital to understanding that great revival!  Stick with us!

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