God’s 3-Fold Call upon Abraham

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Welcome back to the virtual study table, fellow friends!  Are you enjoying the journey as much as I am?  We’re into really great stuff and I hope you are blessed by it!

Yesterday we discussed God’s calling Abraham from Ur, and how He made Abraham the father of both Jews and Gentiles!  (If you are saying, “Huh….?” Go back and read yesterday’s post!)  Today, we’ll talk about God’s 3-fold call upon Abraham.

The Birthing Call

First of all, God’s call upon Abraham was a birthing call, as God’s purpose and plan was birthed through the Abrahamic Covenant.  We have already talked about Genesis 12:3, but here it is in picture form:

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God’s intent was to bless Israel (Abraham and his descendants), in order that they would bless all the people on earth.  God destined them to be the vehicle of world redemption.

Salvation is a Jewish story…not a Christian one!  We have already talked about how God preached the gospel first to Abraham.  The gospel is not a New Testament thing!  In fact, as Christians, we need to take a step back and consider what still belongs to the Jews.  Paul lays it out in Romans 9.  After spending 3 verses describing his intense sorrow and unceasing grief for his unsaved countrymen (Jews), he lists the things that still belong to them:

  • Adoption as sons
  • Glory (shekinah glory that accompanied them in the wilderness)
  • Covenants (all of them, including the New Covenant, given to the Jews in Jeremiah 31!)
  • Law (meant to lead us to salvation)
  • Temple services (the means of communion and fellowship with God)
  • Promises
  • The Christ!

Wow!  Those things, along with the Word of God (written by Jews), the prophets (Jews), the apostles (Jews) and the Messiah, all belong to the Jews!  Yes, we enjoy the benefits (as Christians), but those things do not belong to us!  In fact, John 4:22 says specifically that salvation is from the Jews!

Those things were all birthed in the Abrahamic Covenant!  So, as Christians, we must stand back and understand the right place in which to stand.  The Jewish people (and Israel) are not to become idols to us, but we also must acknowledge what is theirs without trying to turn everything into a “Christian” thing!  Enjoy the benefits, but don’t think they are yours!

That’s the birthing call.  Tomorrow we’ll consider the second of the 3-fold call of God upon Abraham.  It is the suffering call…and there are “golden nuggets” to be found, so be sure to check back tomorrow!


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