The Priestly Call

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Ok, let’s wrap it up today!  This week we have studied God’s love story.  We know God called Abraham, a pagan Gentile, to become the father of the Jews…and the Gentiles!  (See previous posts if that is confusing to you!)  God’s call upon Abraham was a 3-fold call:

  • Birthing call
  • Suffering call
  • Priestly call

Today, we examine the priestly call.

Turn to Genesis 22:1-13.  You will recognize the passage as that of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac.  God asked Abraham to take his son, Isaac, to Mt Moriah for the sacrifice.

As a side note, Solomon built the Temple on Mt Moriah, and it is located beneath today’s Temple Mount!  The sacrifice would be made where animal sacrifices would be made in later years!

As Abraham took Isaac up the mountain, he told his servants to remain down below, as he and Isaac were going up to worship and would return!  Abraham knew, even if God required the sacrifice of Isaac, that He would bring him back to life!  (Hebrews 11:19)

So, Abraham was obedient to God by building the altar, putting wood on it, laying Isaac upon it and raising his knife to slay him.  At that point, God stopped him, provided a lamb for the sacrifice and spared Isaac’s life.

But here again, I wonder what Abraham saw that day.   Did God pull back the curtain one more time and show Abraham the future?  Could it be that, though Abraham saw Isaac physically, he saw Jesus the Messiah spiritually?  Did he get a glimpse of Calvary’s hill, only a short distance away?  Was the wood of the sacrifice on Isaac’s back reflective of the wooden cross upon Jesus’ back?  When he saw the ram’s horns caught in a thorny thicket, did he see the crown of thorns upon the Sacrificial Lamb (Jesus)?

Again, I’m not sure what Abraham saw.  But Jesus Himself made a curious statement in John 8:56, indicating that Abraham saw something!

Your father Abraham rejoiced to see My day, and he saw it and was glad.

Abraham saw a day which made him glad.  Did he see the day in which God provided the “once and for all” sacrifice?  Or perhaps he saw the resurrected Jesus.  Scripture doesn’t tell us for certain what “My day” is, though Jesus said it, so it had to have been a key day of Messianic significance.

Abraham answered a priestly call by obediently offering up Isaac.  In each call, a portion of God’s plan was revealed.  Ultimately, the Sacrifice, our Lord Jesus Christ, was made.  Thus, flinging wide open the door to salvation.  Israel is the vehicle of world redemption, though they failed to recognize the Messiah.

But God is not done with them yet!

More on that later.  But next week we’re diving into the Jewish roots of Christianity.  Now that the door has flung open, what foundation was laid, and how does that impact us as believers in Jesus the Messiah?  We’ll pick that up next week, so stick with us!


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