The Heart of Israelis for Syrians on the Golan Heights

Photo courtesy of Golan Regional Council

Shabbat Shalom, friends!  Let’s enjoy a “feel good” story as we move into the weekend.

The secret of who has been supplying some of the aid to Syria is out of the bag!  As you may know, the Israel Defense Forces launched Operation Good Neighbor, a humanitarian initiative to help Syrians, in June 2016.  Since then, 1,524 tons of food, 947,520 liters of fuel, 7,933 diaper packages, 54 tons of baby food, 24,900 boxes of medicine and medical equipment, 775 medical equipment units, 250 tons of clothing, 13,920 hygienic products, and more than 300 tents have been provided to Syrians living under the oppressive Assad regime.  That’s a lot of tikkun olam!

But where did all the aid come from?  Yes, we know the IDF has played a huge role in delivering it, but did you know those items have, for the most part, been donated by Israelis?

There are likely other groups that contribute to the cause, but one such organization was recently uncovered.  Israeli Flying Aid has provided goods to Syrians for years, and their story is inspiring.  Take a few moments to read the heartwarming account of their love, acceptance and generosity toward Syrians in need.

Israeli Residents Go Public with Heartfelt Aid to Syrians

Blessings friends…and may we all embrace the idea of loving our enemies

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