Report: IDF strikes on chemical weapons research and production center in Syria

IDF continues taking out Iranian positions and resources in Syria…

Behold Israel

Strikes reported Sunday evening; Media claims chemical weapons and production center, Syrian army position hit.


Reports surfaced Sunday evening of Israeli airstrikes in Syria on a chemical weapons facility.

Syrian media first reported the strikes in the Hama region, the Syrian army reporting that one of its military positions were hit in the strikes. Syrian media later reported that a weapons development center had been hit southwest of Hama.

Hezbollah’s Al Mayadeen reported that a research center was hit, media reports later claiming a weapons chemical research and weapons production center near Masyaf was hit in the strikes and that Israeli jets carried out its mission from Lebanese airspace.

Israeli strikes in Syria were reported last week on a military position close to the Al-Nairab air base outside of Aleppo. Syrian media confirmed strikes were carried out, reporting up to ten missiles used in the strikes last Sunday. Mixed reports…

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