Let’s Worship! Our King is Coming Again!

Happy Lord’s Day everyone!

In a world spinning out of control, isn’t it good to know our King is coming again!?!  Today, we will worship the King together.  But before we do, I want to extend a special invitation.

Each Sunday at 11:00 am we are studying Why Israel Matters, and we’re approaching the very best lessons of all.  We’re moving into a portion of study where we will closely examine God’s relationship with Israel, our Jewish roots as Christians and the culmination of those things in the return of King Jesus!  He IS coming again, and I hope you will join us as we search the Scriptures for truth regarding that glorious day.

Classes are held at CalvaryPHX Central Campus in Room 209 each Sunday at 11:00.  (Childcare is available.)  If you are in the Phoenix area, please join us…we would love to have you!  You can find directions and more information here.

If you are not able to attend the study, but are interested in hosting a study or a weekend conference, please contact us at looking4theblessedhope@gmail.com to discuss possible options.

Meanwhile, I want to take you to Jerusalem to rejoice together as we look to His coming!

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