Worship Jesus Christ Our King!

One of my favorite worship songs of Christmas, recorded at the Tower of David. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFoFOZmSIfY

Let’s Worship the King of Israel

It has been a while since we worshiped together, so let's enjoy a little Christmas worship from the Tower of David in Jerusalem! Find yourself a quiet place and enter into worship of the King of Israel! https://youtu.be/yFoFOZmSIfY

“The Blessing” in Hebrew!

Today, as fear continues to keep us out of our churches and imprisoned in our homes, I pray God's blessing upon you. May you know His peace, His strength, and His grace for you today. The Blessing has become a hit on Christian radio and I hope you are soaking up its message. However, the …

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The Blessing: Now in Hebrew!

Hey everyone! By now you've probably heard the song, The Blessing, as it has made its way on to mainstream radio and download. The soothing words of the Aaronic blessing are put to music, making it an absolutely beautiful song...and even better in Hebrew, the original language in which the verses were written! If you …

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