A Special Treat from the Garden Tomb

Happy Sunday, dear friends! Today, find a quiet, peaceful place to sit, contemplate the glory of God for a few minutes, then burst into worship with Joshua Aaron and Aaron Shust...two of my favorite artists when it comes to Jews making music! Bless the Lord, oh my soul...give Him honor and praise! https://youtu.be/nBP8Nhb4bHU Imagine worshiping …

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Sunday Worship: Come and See!

https://youtu.be/IE7SrLxQ4QQ Have you ever longed to see the empty tomb where Jesus laid? Having seen it many times, I can tell you that something happens when you come and see! The tomb is empty and your heart and soul are impacted for eternity. We'll visit the Garden Tomb when we go to Israel in February …

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Dancing Like David Did

David was a man after God's own heart, and was created to worship. He sang, he played instruments, he wrote many of the Psalms, and he was known to dance before the Lord! May we be as uninhibited in worship as David was! Let's enjoy worship together... https://youtu.be/NDM7djdGJ64

Worship from Jerusalem: “Way Maker” in Arabic, Hebrew and English

Happy Lord's Day, dear friends! We have spent much of this week in Jerusalem on our virtual tour. It is the city upon which our Lord has placed His name (2 Chronicles 6:6), and the place to which He will return! Our Way Maker came once to give His life as a sacrifice for our …

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