Iran Opens Uranium Enrichment Plant; Syrians Citizens Plead for Help from Israel

News broke yesterday of the reopening of an Iranian nuclear plant, which received a significant delivery of yellowcake, the raw material used in nuclear fuel fabrication.  According to The Hill:

“Iran has imported a huge amount of yellow cake since the nuclear deal” was signed in 2015 and has also produced some domestically, according to the statement on AEOI’s website. Iran restricted its enrichment of uranium ore, commonly called yellow cake, under the deal signed under the Obama administration.
~The Hill (accessed online, 6/28/18)

Ayatollah Khamenei vows to attack “10 times more” if they are attacked, and is calling on young Arabs to take action on Iran’s behalf.  Meanwhile, people are rioting in the streets of Tehran and elsewhere.

Yet, while that is going on to Israel’s east, Israel’s northeastern border with Syria is being flooded with Syrian civilians under threat of death by the Assad regime.  They are literally pleading for help from the Israelis.

In order to protect their own citizens, Israel will not open their border, but has provided much needed humanitarian aid.  Over the past couple days, the IDF has provided over 300 tents, 12 tons of food, 15 tons of baby food, 30 tons of clothing and shoes and 3 pallets of medical supplies and medicine.

Being a good neighbor.

See the plea for help and read about the situation here.

UPDATE: Here is actual footage of the operation:

The seconds are ticking away as we see the stage set for the end times.  We’re living in the season, so keep looking up!  Our redemption draws near!  (Luke 21:28)

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