What Does Israel do for the World?

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Pull up a seat to the virtual study table, as we’re in the midst of considering why we stand with Israel.  We’re in week 2 of the study, Why Israel Matters, and if you are new to this site, please follow along with us!

Yesterday, our focus was on why Christians should support Israel.  Today, we turn our sites to what Israel does for the world…and why it matters!

Israel is a small country with a very big impact.  Often, when disaster strikes anywhere in the world, Israel’s are first to respond.  (For example: the recent Guatemalan volcano.)  Surprisingly, Israel works diligently to save Arab lives, despite the fact they are often targets of Arab aggression.  It is not unusual for Israel to erect field hospitals in areas of conflict in order to take medical care of innocent civilians caught in the throws of conflict.

Israel is a land with few natural resources, thus, Israelis have had to use their ingenuity to discover ways to survive.  They routinely share their innovations with others to help survive and thrive as well.

Ingrained in Israeli DNA is the idea of tikkun olam, making the world a better place.  They seem to do it naturally!  As they share their medical, agricultural, water, energy and technological knowledge and innovations with people around the world, expecting nothing in return.  I could post hundreds of examples, but let’s end today’s discussion with three significant examples:



Innovation: Africa


Frontier Alliance International

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