The Palestinians’ “Peaceful Protest”

On March 30, the Palestinians began their “peaceful protest” called the March of Return.  For over two months now, the “peaceful protest” has raged into chaos of all kinds.  The latest fad is to fly “fire kites” into Israel, setting fire to fields, forests and now a college campus.  Here is footage of that fire which ignited earlier today:

These attacks are funded and supported by Iran.  Meanwhile, the AP is reporting that Iran has also informed the UN of their intent to increase nuclear enrichment.

Iran has been significantly set back by Israel’s attacks on bases in Syria, the exposure of hundreds of thousands of documents detailing their nuclear plans, the US withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal, and a crashing economy.

In our study together, we have suggested that we are living in the calm before the storm.  While Iran may be somewhat incapacitated right now, they will continue urging their proxies to terrorize Israel, until they are able to join Russia and others in the War of Gog and Magog.

Stick with us as we study together and look at today’s events through the lens of Scripture.

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