For Zion’s Sake – June 2018

How excited I was to see the key verse (above) for this month’s Isaiah 62 Prayer Initiative!  You see, God is indeed gathering His people from all the countries and bringing them back into their own land.  We are seeing prophecy fulfilled right before our very eyes!

But, lest you think witnessing fulfillment of prophecy is a spectator sport, let me remind you that God has invited us to be part of His grand plan!  In fact, He yearns for us to participate in what He is doing!  How do we do that?  In many ways, but the most important way is to pray!

That’s what the Isaiah 62 Prayer Initiative is all about!  We pray for Zion’s sake, as Isaiah 62:1 indicates, in unison with believers everywhere on the first Wednesday of every month.  Using that chapter of Scripture, we focus on one verse each month to guide us into unified prayer with believers literally around the globe!  So, please take time right now (or later today) to join the mighty host of prayer warriors lifting up Israel, the nations, and the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem today.

Here’s how:

PRAISE: Lord, we are Your appointed ‘rememberers.’  You have made us mindful of You, from sunrise to sunset, in seasons of darkness as well as light.  Thank You that this is so.  Amen.

On your walls, O Jerusalem, I have appointed watchmen;
All day and all night they will never keep silent.
You who remind the Lord, take no rest for yourselves;
And give Him no rest until He establishes
And makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.
~Isaiah 62:6-7

PONDER: Isaiah suggests here that Jerusalem is twice-walled: a literal wall of crenelated limestone protects the city, but there is another wall too, a spiritual wall that her watchmen provide.  In the ancient world, a watchman was a protector, one who “hedged about,” preserved and attended that which he guarded.  Watchmen were alert, even when the inhabitants of the city slept or went about their daily chores.  Men may have built the quarried walls to protect Jerusalem, but today, God musters watchmen from every time zone on the globe to continually, perpetually and always speak to Him, forming a holy hedge of defense around the city.  So we add our voices to this supernatural force-field with our prayers.

PRAY: Current and very specific prayer points are found here.  Use these prayer points today and throughout the month of June.  Pray on!

PS: For the really observant readers, you probably noticed that I said we use one verse of Isaiah 62 per month as a prayer focus, but quoted verses 6-7 in the “PROCLAIM” section.  That’s because the two verses happen to be my favorite…and to split them breaks up the full thought.  So, look for the same verses (but with different emphasis) next month as well!

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