US Embassy to Jerusalem…It’s Happening!

US Embassy Signs
Israeli road signs, prepared to point the way to the US Embassy!

Though Israel just celebrated its 70th Anniversary according to the Hebrew calendar, those of us in the Western world are looking toward May 14, Israel’s birthday on the Gregorian calendar.

A grand celebration occurred across the land of Israel a few days ago (Yom HaAtzma’ut).  However, there is also a huge event coming when Israel celebrates her 70th birthday according to the Gregorian calendar: the US Embassy will officially open in Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel!  Other nations’ embassies will follow, including Romania (who just announced the move), Guatemala and Honduras.

On a totally separate note, I enjoyed the humble privilege of being the guest of dear friends, a special Jewish family, for Shabbat dinner last night!  What a joy to share their Sabbath, discuss Israel’s 70th anniversary, and share the love and respect we have for one another and our faiths.  As Christians, it is important to understand our Jewish roots, and to share our love for God’s chosen people!

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