A word from Amir, March 20, 2018

Things continue to heat up in Syria…and the US is involved. Keep your eyes on what goes on in Syria!

Behold Israel

Amir’s commentary on development in Syria and Turkey.


An invasion of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) into the western bank of the Euphrates is imminent.

While Assad’s forces are busy bombing east Ghouta (near Damascus) killing scores of innocents civilians (15 children were killed over the last 12 hours), Syria’s most important oilfield (T-2) guarded by Hezbollah and Syrian special forces was captured by ISIS in a coordinated blast of 4 car bombs leaving 23 soldiers dead.

The United States is mobilizing tanks, armored vehicles rocket launchers and supplies to the region on the eastern flank of the Euphrates where they control three important oil and gas fields (Jafra, Al-Omar and Koniko), however part of the heavy equipment is armored vehicles launched bridges in what seems to be a preparation for an in depth invasion to take ISIS out and gain the control over the oilfield at the…

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