Israel and Egypt Sign $15 Billion Gas Deal, Successful Arrow 3 Test Launch

For those of us keeping tabs on action in the Middle East, it was a busy news weekend…and it hasn’t stopped as a new week starts!

As you know, there was action on the Gaza border over the weekend.  Following a bomb explosion that wounded Israeli soldiers, reports are that Israel took out 18 high-value targets in Gaza, including a terror tunnel and Hamas military targets.

On Sunday night, another missile was fired into Israel, to which the Israeli Air Force responded by attacking additional “underground infrastructure.”  Unlike the past where Israel often warned Hamas to stop firing missiles into Israel before taking action, the IDF’s action is swift and severe these days.  As pressure mounts from Iranian aggression in both the Gaza Strip and Syria, Israel is left with little room for patience and Benjamin Netanyahu has been adamant that Israel will not allow Iran to encroach on Israeli borders or threaten their security.

In breaking news, Israel and Egypt signed an historic $15 billion gas deal, confirming the growing relationship between the two nations.  Again, Bible prophecy coming to life.  Read the entire chapter of Isaiah 19…things eventually turn out well for Egypt!  Those who bless Israel will be blessed!

Also, Israel successfully test fired the Arrow 3 defense system, designed to intercept high-altitude rockets beyond earth’s atmosphere.  Deemed a great success, the Arrow 3 is also scheduled to be tested in Alaska later this year.

The birth pangs continue, and we continue to watch world events line up with what the prophets foretold.  Keep your earthly eyes on Damascus and Iran (who is driving what we see in the Gaza Strip and elsewhere).  Keep your spiritual eyes on things above!

But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.
~Luke 21:28

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