Nikki Haley Continues to Set the Record Straight at the UN

Praise God for Nikki Haley (US Ambassador to the United Nations)!  She is unafraid to take a stand, and when she does, she does so firmly, yet civilly.  (Our politicians could learn a lesson there!)

Regarding the brutal use of chemical weapons on innocent Syrian people, Haley pleads with the UN Security Council to act accordingly.  She holds the UN and Russia’s feet to the fire regarding previous resolutions, while committing the US to the “right thing.”

Her 6:41 speech at the UN is below.  Please take some time to watch and listen, then please pray for our Ambassador.  She is a woman of faith and a woman of principle, working in a difficult atmosphere.  Pray that she seeks after and follows the Lord’s direction, and that He continues to grant her courage and strength to be truthful, peace-seeking and courageous in representing the best interests of the US and our allies.


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