Pence Speech before the Knesset

Pence speech rife with biblical references rocks the Knesset
Vice President Mike Pence before the Israeli Knesset, January 22, 2018  (Photo credit: REUTERS/ARIEL SCHALIT/POOL)

Job well done!

Just a couple hours ago, I had a chance to view VP Mike Pence’s speech in the Knesset. Appearing very “presidential,” he delivered a speech that moved US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, to tears, and “rocked the Knesset” with Biblical references.  The speech was filled with friendly overtones toward Israel and the Jewish people, and there were multiple standing ovations for Pence’s remarks.

The speech is well worth watching:

Option 2 is to read his speech.  You will find it here.

By the way, the disruption/protest by Arab MKs is not actually seen in the video above, though the 30-second pause at the beginning of Pence’s speech is when it took place!  I posted a different angle of that event yesterday and you can see it here.  As to be expected, Hamas praised the MKs for their disruption and protest of Pence.

Today, the Vice President and Mrs Pence will visit Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial.  It is not their first time there, so the initial awe of the place will not catch them unaware.  However, it is always a very moving place.  Pray that VP Pence will convey depths of sincerity on behalf of the American people as he represents us in that unique place.  Pray, also, for his remaining time with Israeli leaders.  The times we live in require much wisdom from our leaders, and Scripture requires us to pray for them!  Let’s be faithful to that call.

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